Sub Zero under counter icemaker

Your Sub-Zero ice maker is a high-end piece of equipment, so it’s important to take proper care of your appliance. You chose Sub-Zero because they create reliable, top of the line appliances. And while they are incredible machines, they do need proper maintenance to avoid breaking down. You can keep your ice maker running smoothly by making sure your clean it on a regular basis.

What happens if I don’t clean my ice maker?

Not sticking to a regular cleaning schedule for your Sub-Zero ice maker can lead to a number of problems with the machine. Bacteria can accumulate in the machine, get into the water, and wind up in your beverages. This can make you or your family sick. It can also affect the taste of the ice.

Another problem you should be wary of is buildup of mold or dirt that can clog up the system and ruin the ice.

How often should I clean my ice maker?

Sub-Zero recommends that you perform a thorough cleaning of your ice maker once every six months. This will ensure that you ice stays fresh and your ice maker stays running at peak condition.

How do I clean my ice maker?

Sub-Zero ice makers have a cleaning process built into the machine. Use their special ice machine cleaner and the instructions that you were given when you bought your unit to clean the machine. If you lost your cleaning instructions, you can find them here.

Who do I call when my ice maker breaks down?

If you ice maker every breaks down, trust our experienced team for Sub-Zero ice maker repair. For all of your Sub-Zero appliance repair needs, contact Authorized Refrigeration of New Jersey.