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1.If the amount of water is greater than a pint it is probably from the water valve on the product or the home plumbing connections to the Sub-Zero.

2.Find the water supply shut-off valve and turn the water supply off

3.Remove the kickplate.

4.Find the home water supply connection to the Sub-Zero.

5.If the water is leaking from the home plumbing connections, contact your plumber.

6.If water leaks from the water valve on the fridge, the water valve may need to be replaced.

7.If water leaks from the drain pan area, the pan may be cracked, broken or missing, replace the Drain Pan if needed.

8.If water is overflowing from the drain pan, make sure it is properly installed and level.

9.If water leak is a solid stream or a flow of water or standing puddle, it may come from inside the refrigerator or freezer section.

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1.Determine the source of the water. Open the grille at the top of the Sub-Zero.

2.If equipped, and water is leaking from the unit’s dual water valve find the water supply shut-off valve and turn the water supply off.
Water shut off valves are specific to your home and are not located in or on the Sub-Zero.

3.If equipped,water may be leaking from the water filter cartridge.

4.If unable to determine originating source of water leak, Locate the water supply shut-off valve and turn the water supply off.

1. Determine where the water is coming from.

2. Open the refrigerator door and look at the back wall for condensation, ice built-up, or frost.

3. Remove the crisper drawer and crispewr shelf assembly; if equipped, remove all lower storage drawers as well to inspect ice, condensation or water behind near or underneath the drawer(s).

4. Clear any standing ice or water.

5. Clean the drain tube if possible.