Sub Zero Refrigerator, Freezer, Professional Repair, Bergen County, New Jersey

Your Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer plays such a constant role in your life that you almost forget it’s even there – but when your fridge fails to perform its primary function you could lose hundreds of dollars and a large supply of your family’s food. That’s why it’s important to locate a dependable repair service like Authorized Refrigeration when you experience any of the following issues with you Sub-Zero refrigerator or freezer:


A leaking refrigerator is a warning sign that there might be something seriously wrong with your unit. If you start to notice puddles around the base of your refrigerator, or excess moisture around the seal, contact us for professional Sub-Zero repair in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Unusual Noises

If your fridge is making unusual noises, it could be signaling a variety of issues. For example – a loud thumping is indicative of compressor issues and often indicates that it will need to be replaced. Squealing sounds could mean that your fans are not working properly.

Improper Cooling

If your food is not being cooled properly, there could be a number of factors coming into play. There could be a problem with your seal, or the thermostat could be malfunctions. Your Sub-Zero service technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently.

A functional refrigerator is an absolute necessity in the modern household, so it’s important to find a reliable repair service when things go wrong. Authorized Refrigeration provides emergency repairs 24/7 on all Sub-Zero equipment across New Jersey. Contact us today to receive same-day repair service on your Sub-Zero refrigerator.