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You’ve just come home from grocery shopping, and now it’s time to put away all of your food. But where do you put it? Keeping your Sub Zero fridge organized in a way that makes sense feels like a chore, but the only consequence of not planning out your fridge is that it’s harder to find things, right? Actually, where you place each type of food in your refrigerator can have an effect on its shelf life. This handy guide will help you optimize the inside of your refrigerator so that you can get the most out of your food.

Top Shelf/Door

The top shelf is the one of the warmer parts of the fridge, so avoid putting your milk or meat products here. Things like butter and soft cheeses don’t need to be kept very cold, so these are fine for the top shelf. Condiments, which usually contain natural preservatives like salt and vinegar, are also good to go on the top shelf. Any of the items that you can store on the top shelf can also go on the door. Pasteurized juices or less perishable beverages like soft drinks are also best kept in the door.

Middle Shelf

The middle shelf is where the temperature is the most consistent. Store eggs and leftovers here for optimal storage temperature.

Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is the coldest area of the refrigerator, especially near the back. You should store your milk, dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, or cottage cheese, and packaged meat on this shelf. Raw meat is best stored on the bottom shelf because if it leaks it will not damage all of your other food.


The drawers are ideal for deli meats and cheeses, and produce. Vegetables should be kept in the drawer labeled high humidity or vegetables. Fruit should be kept in low humidity. This drawer is often labeled as the “crisper”. Deli meats and cheeses should be stored in the shallow drawer, but if your refrigerator doesn’t have one, they should be placed on the bottom shelf.

These tips can help you keep your refrigerator organized and maximize the shelf-life of your food. If you are experience problems with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, contact Authorized Refrigeration for same-day Sub-Zero Servie and Repair in New Jersey.