Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine over dinner? Since ancient times, wine has been the beverage of choice, and some take it quite seriously. Even if you aren’t a sommelier, there are certain things you have to take into consideration when storing your wine. There are many different factors that affect its freshness and quality.

Store it on the Side

If you wine is corked, do not store your bottle right side up. If you do not store the bottles on their sides, the cork will dry out, which will allow air to get into the bottle and spoil the wine.

Constant Temperature and Humidity

Wildly fluctuating temperatures will eventually spoil the wine, so it’s important to control the temperature you store your wine in. You should not store wine above 75˚F because the wine will begin to oxidize when it reaches this temperature. Ideally, wine should be stored at 54°F in order to continue the aging process and prevent oxidization.

In addition to the temperature, wine should be kept at around 70% humidity to prevent the cork from drying out. You can purchase a hygrometer to monitor humidity, but if you own a Sub-Zero wine cooler, you won’t need to worry about this. A wine cooler will easily control both temperature and humidity so that your wine will stay in great condition.

Don’t Move It

Store wine in such a manner that you won’t need to move it until it’s ready to drink. Using a wine cooler, which keeps all the wines neatly in place, is an ideal way to do this. Store them label up so you don’t need to move the bottles to find the one you are looking for.

Isolate It

Do not store wine with other foods. The odors can permeate the cork and spoil the wine. Keeping wine in an isolated area with only other wines will keep it fresh and delicious when it’s time to drink it.

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