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The freezer can become a lot like your junk drawer. How often have you been digging through it for a pint of ice cream only to find a container of frozen chili you made months ago that you completely forgot about? Probably too many. These simple tips can help you keep your freezer organized.

Vacuum Seal It!

Use a vacuum sealer to create flat, easy to store packages for things like produce and meat. The vacuum sealing will prevent freezer burn and allow you to better see what is in each package.

Label it!

The best way to keep all of your food organized is to go label crazy. Each food item in your fridge should have a label with the type of food and the date it was bought or made. Place the food in the freezer with the labels facing out for easier browsing.

Keep it clear!

Use clear containers so that you can easily see what everything is, even if it doesn’t have a label.

Group it!

Organizing your foods by category will make your life so much easier. Separate your food into different areas for meat, produce, dairy, etc.

Maintain it!

Your freezer is an important appliance, so it’s important to stay on top of regular maintenance. Contact Authorized Refrigeration whenever you need Sub-Zero freezer repair in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

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