Sub Zero Repair, CT

When the lights go out in your Sub Zero, it stops making ice, starts leaking or any problem that comes up, trust your Sub Zero fridge to the licensed diagnostic specialists at Authorized Refrigeration Sub Zero Repair!

In the business of exclusive Sub Zero repair for 23 years, we have the skill and knowledge to tackle anything that can go wrong.

In New Jersey, anyone working with refrigerant must be licensed. We happen to be one of the only Sub Zero repair companies in the areas we serve that hold the required license in our owner’s name to service your Sub Zero legally.

As part of our licensing, continuing education is required, that means we’re up to date on the best practices for safety and environmental safety!

All the other appliance repair companies will tell you a license to repair your in home refrigeration machines is not required. They are wrong!

A Master HVACR license is required for in home refrigerator, freezer, wine cooler and ice maker repair.

What’s worse, some of them even have on every page of their website that they are licensed, which is yet another violation of New Jersey state law.  Here’s a link to Search State of New Jersey’s business licenses.

When your fridge needs service or troubleshooting, call the company that truly respects you and will take care of any problem honestly, the same day, and will have the parts required when they arrive at your home.

Call on Authorized Refrigeration!  800-889-2099  Serving New Jersey, New York & Connecticut.

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